Intrusive Related Gold

Tintina Intrusive Related Gold (IRG) deposits

Gold mineralisation in the Tintina Gold Province and Fairbanks District is generally classified as “intrusion related gold” or “IRG” deposit type. Tintina IRG deposits are geologically renowned for their multi-million ounce gold scale and Tier 1 asset potential.

IRG as defined in Hart (2007) include a wide range of gold-rich mineral deposit styles that are considered to have had a direct genetic link with a cooling felsic intrusions during their formation.

Associated deposit styles are varied, such as skarns, veins, disseminations, stockworks, replacements, and breccias. Different styles and metal associations of deposits are zoned around a central, reduced (ilmenite-series) felsic to intermediate intrusion with host lithology and structural setting providing secondary controls as shown schematically in these diagrams.

Significant understanding of the nature of Intrusive Related Gold deposits has been collectively gained over the last 20 years through exploration, new discoveries, and research.

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IRG schematic plan view showing proximity
IRG schematic section view showing formation depth
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